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Welcome to DrChet.com

Good health is important to our lives in so many ways, but health is not merely the absence of disease. The food we eat, the exercise we get, the supplements we take, the stress in our lives, even the sleep we get, all have an impact on our health and our energy level. And without health and energy, our lives will never reach their true potential.

But there’s one thing that’s absolutely true: health is a choice and we don’t always choose wisely.

In some ways, how to attain good health is confusing. High-carb diet or low-carb diet? Eat meat or avoid it? Exercise slow and easy or fast and intense? Take supplements or not? Those are the basic questions we face. Then there are the controversial topics such as artificial sweeteners, soy and soy products, genetically-modified food, and vaccinations. To top it off, there are dozens of weight loss programs and supplements available.

How do you know which to choose?

This website is dedicated to examining health issues and giving you a reasonable explanation based on the science as it exists today; if it’s in the news today, I’ll be writing about it as soon as I read the research, both old and new. The goal is to provide you with a balanced perspective so you can make lifestyle choices that will help you get to and keep good health, because health information seems to change weekly. One week something’s good for you; the next, it’s not. I try to bring clarity to issues and debunk the “science by headline” to help you make the right decision for you.

I send out three email messages most weeks and I urge you to sign up for them by clicking the button below. My goal is to make them readable in 90 seconds. I’m asking you to join me in this voyage because good health is a choice. I try to keep things simple for you, but that doesn’t mean it will always be easy. In my opinion, getting and keeping good health always comes down to one thing:

What are you prepared to do today?™

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